Bashkir wild hive honey BORTEVOY

Bashkir wild hive honey BORTEVOY




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Bashkir honey is a unique, valuable, environmentally friendly product collected by bees without human intervention.

About us Honey is extracted on the border of the Kugarchinsky and Burzyansky districts of Bashkiria, at the bortev apiary, founded in 2003 by the hereditary beekeeper-bortevik in the 3rd generation Ruslan Gumerov. He returned to beekeeping through a long path of industrial beekeeping, almost 20 years of producing useful products from honey according to his own unique recipes. To maintain a bortevoy apiary is not an easy task, requiring a deep knowledge of all the subtleties of the craft.

The Bortevaya apiary of Wild Honey LLC is a board in trees and decks located in the purest mountain corner of Bashkiria on the banks of the Bolshoy Ik River, near the Yerkey Sesen Spring and a Gorge surrounded by lime forests and fields with all their colors. This is the beauty of our honey: bees from early spring to late autumn collect honey, which the beekeeper’s hand will touch only once – in late September-early October, when collecting this honey, thanks to which honey has time to ripen well, survive, excess moisture evaporates from it, it becomes thicker.

Special offer Our onboard honey can not only be bought packaged here, but also cut off in the fall directly from the board, under the guidance of an experienced onboard specialist!

About borte honey: Wild, natural honey experts refer to the class of so-called “platinum” varieties – because of its unusual composition. Since there is no separation of honeycombs into pearl and honey combs in the sides, the honey extracted from them is rich in propolis, wax, pollen, and even the brood of the insects themselves. As a result, it contains all 20 essential amino acids, as well as easily digestible proteins. There are no two absolutely identical consistencies of borte honey, each batch is one of a kind. The color varies from light yellow to dark brown.

When collecting, the beekeeper cuts off the honey tongues in the honeycomb, which the bees have set up in any order for the season, while all beekeeping products remain in it: royal jelly, perga, pollen, zabrus and propolis, which makes wild honey unique. The honey of wild bees tastes very pleasant and unusual, with a sweet-tart taste, and the aroma is subtle, spicy with waxy notes.

Borte honey is famous for: the richest set of antioxidants;

antitumor, anti-inflammatory and restorative properties;

moderate choleretic and diuretic effect;

it has soothing qualities, has a beneficial effect on metabolism (which is facilitated by the admixture of royal jelly in it) and improves appetite. It contains more biologically active substances, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, K and E), minerals and trace elements (iodine, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, fluorine and manganese) in comparison with beekeeping.

At the same time, this complex is absorbed by almost 100%, while the best artificial preparations of a similar composition have a digestibility 20-30 times less.

The value of onboard honey is due not only to the uniqueness of its composition, but also to the fact that it is extracted in small quantities (one family of wild bees collects from 5 to 15 kg of honey per season), although 80 and 100 kg can be collected from one hive in an industrial apiary over the summer. Therefore, our onboard honey is an exclusive, elite product.

Every honey fan should try such an exclusive beekeeping product!!!



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