Honey Mixture No. 2 DETOX


  • Honey
  • Hay
  • Mint extract


Bashkir floral honey based detox mixture with senna, freeze-dried wax moth and mint is a unique product made according to an original recipe.

Senna extract has detoxicating and slight laxative effect. Bashkir floral honey may boost the healing properties of senna and makes the mixture delicious.
Wax moth larvae are feeding on honey and beekeeping products and are able to accumulate bioactive substances of honey and honey products that makes them beneficial to people`s health.
Wax moth ferments helps them to digest bee wax, which is similar to a capsule structure of bacteria.
Wax moth ferment destroys the capsule of bacteria and helps the immune system to fight off a number of diseases.
Mint extract brings refreshing taste to the mixture and the vitamin C contained in it may boost immune system.

Freeze-dried and powdered wax moth larvae preserve all the health values. In that way we add them to our honey, combined with mint extract.

Nutrition facts

Ingredients included in our mixture are proven to have antioxidant, antibacterial, adaptogenic, cardioprotective, anti-aging and immune support effect. Our mixture can be used as a detox remedy, also it may be used in antiage therapy and for treating various skin diseases and obesity.

Suggested usage

It is recommended to take 1 teaspoon of mixture 2-3 times a day followed by any nonalcoholic drink of choice.


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