Honey mixture No. 7 BEE BREAD

Beebread (Bashkir floral honey, freeze-dried wax moths)

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Beebread (Bashkir floral honey, freeze-dried wax moths)

Bashkir floral honey based mixture with beebread and freeze-dried wax moths is made by the authentic recipe.
Beebread is a unique product that is impossible to make by artificial means.
For many generations it was used to treat a great number of different diseases.
If taken for a long period of time it may improve the metabolism.
Beebread contains more than 200 bioactive compounds and more than 50 active elements such as ferments, vitamins and amino acids.

Ingredients included in our mixture are proven to have antioxidant, antibacterial, adaptogenic, cardioprotective, anti-aging and immune support effect.

Suggested usage

Take 1 teaspoon of Beebread mixture 3 times a day prior food for improving nervous and endocrine system, hemoglobin level and immune system. Our mixture can be used as an adjunct treatment for gastrointestinal diseases, prostatitis, sexual disability, anemia, and fatigue.


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