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We produce high-quality Bashkir honey from beehive to store

About Company

basic information

The Wild Med LLC company was founded in 2003. It was then that we began to pack honey from our own apiaries located in the southeastern part of Bashkiria in the Bashkiria National Park, on the border of the Kugarchinsky and Burzyansky districts.

Our workshop is located in the village of Mrakovo, Kugarchinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Here we pack honey and make cream honey, vitamins and dragees with bee products.

The main direction of the company is obtaining elite Bashkir linden honey. Every year we expand the range and improve the quality of products, conditions of production and packaging.

The enterprise operates the latest equipment for honey creaming, packaging, a sublimation apparatus, an apparatus for vacuum drying and preparation of berry additives.

The personnel regularly undergo training courses.

The products of our company are presented in various retail grocery chains throughout Russia, which also speaks of the quality of our honey. All products undergo strict quality control in accordance with GOST and are confirmed by certificates.

Our production


Initially "Bashkir Health Factory" was the production of honey under the brand name "Wild Honey".
Director Gumerov R.R. - their apiaries located in the South of Bashkiria. The main specialization is lime honey.
Honey is packaged in its pure form, as well as cream honey is created with various additives, of which there are more than 30 types. Creamy honey is a special structure of honey obtained by rolling honey in special equipment. In addition to honey production, other work is in full swing in the shop. In recent years, a lot of new equipment has appeared: such as Dagestan stone millstones - they are used in the production of pastes from seeds or nuts. The most interesting novelties at the "Bashkir Health Factory" are pumpkin seed paste with honey and chocolate nut paste. This is a natural alternative to the "Nutella" we have known for a long time, only our pasta contains only 3 ingredients: nuts, honey and cocoa beans, and the taste of local pasta is in no way inferior to imported ones. A wooden oak press produces natural raw-pressed sunflower and linseed oils.
Also "Bashkir Health Factory" specializes in the production of branded tea. Collected in the best folk traditions "Bashkir" and "Tatar" herbal teas are fragrant, healthy teas that are becoming more and more popular among our customers.

Dream of childhood


Any child's dream is to visit a chocolate factory. The main chocolate maker Reseda Gumerova plans to make this dream come true in the near future, who, with her own hand and not without the help of special equipment, of course, turns cocoa beans into delicious natural chocolate. It doesn't look like chocolates from shops. This is an artisanal wild chocolate with only 3 ingredients: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, honey!

Reconstruction of the workshop in the village. Mrakovo


Ruslan Gumerov has an inexhaustible supply of ideas and plans. So, now there is a reconstruction of the workshop in the village. Mrakovo: a room for new equipment is being completed. By the end of the year it is planned to deliver and launch a homogenizer and a sublimation apparatus. This means that the assortment will expand. First of all, it will be chocolate with freeze-dried berries, berries in chocolate, and many other tasty and healthy novelties.Так же с лета 2021 планируем начать сотрудничество с туристическими фирмами для привлечения туристов в наш шоколадно-медовый цех.


Our awards for the existence of the organization

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First, we produce a natural product without additives / flavors / colors.
Secondly, the products are always fresh, we do it to order.
Thirdly, there is always a discount for residents of the Kugarchinsky district: we sell in the workshop at wholesale prices.
Fourthly, we carry out delivery if you are not able to reach us.
Fifth, all our products are certified.
We are glad to meet you! You can follow the news and contact us through the VK group "Vitapchelka - health products", in the @vita_pchelka instagram